James Hull lives in Boston, Massachusetts and has worked for over 25 years as an artist and museum preparator (Installation technician). Additionally, James enjoys teaching and interacting with public audiences during gallery talks, presentations and lectures. He has taught at Georgia State University, Boston University, MassART, RISD, Lesley and Suffolk / NESAD. 

As an artist with an MFA degree in Sculpture, background in bronze casting and sculpture, James has recently exhibited his photography locally and internationally. He has a BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies / Biomedical Illustration. James has exhibited installations, paintings and a range of other media over the years and now works primarily as a documentary photographer looking at the psychology and cultural significance of portraiture.


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Founder & B.A.D.A.S.S.

James Hull

I work with artists to help them get across just what they want to say - in just the way they want to say it.

My talent lies in discovering how each artist works and then understanding how to emphasize their individual vision for a new audience. 

I enjoy the creative process of making exhibitions, writing essays and taking photographs that express the concepts that each artist identifies as key to their individual pursuit. 

I try to stay out of the way, not to do things as I would want them, but as the artist knows they need to be. My experience working with hundreds of artists makes these interactions as enjoyable as possible - after all, we are not saving lives here...but we are creating history.

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