Curatorial Services

Green Street Gallery 20 Year Anniversary Reunion Exhibition at Laconia Gallery 

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James has over 25 years experience working with artists. He has created 4 award-winning alternative art spaces from scratch in two different cities to critical acclaim. He teaches artists and works with world-renown artists at museums like the High Museum of Art, ICA Boston, Peabody-Essex Museum, and the List Visual Art Center at MIT.


Editing your work to carefully plan out an exhibition or complete an application is one of the most important activities for an artist. 


I can provide an objective eye, and a second opinion. One with lots of jury experience - a sure way to find the best layout and sequencing for your work. (Background: Boston / Como exhibition Venue)

Boston Area Direct Artist Services & Support

Professional Art Installation, Education, Curation and Photography

1200 Washington Street

Boston, MA 02118 


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