B.A.D.A.S.S. can provide everything needed for an exhibition, for a private client's changing collection or to support an artist's studio practice

Lighting the Galleries at PEM
Titian's Europa being taken to the conservation lab ISGM
Sandro Botticelli panel on repainted Gallery Wall
ICA Waterfront in Boston, Dana Schutz
Unstretching and Packing Dana Schutz
an 1880's Leatherback Turtle specimen at Peabody Essex Museum
Joe Wardwell's monumental work at MassMoCA
Joe Wardwell at MassMoCA
Joe Wardwell at MassMoCA
Joe Wardwell at MassMoCA
Embassy Suites at Boston Logan Airport
Detail of Airplane and dots at Embassy Suites
COVID - 19  precautions at PEM
Peabody Essex Museum 2020
Rodin Exhibition De-Installation, PEM
Michael McMillen kinetic sculpture
Salem Witch Trials Exhibition 2020 PEM
Abbie R Powers artwork in Boston Renaissance Waterfront
Fenway Museum aka "Royal Rooters"
Babe Ruth autographed baseball
South-East Asian Painting Exhibition PEM
Installing PEM
MFA atrium changing out the massive sculpture
Sol LeWitt at MFA
Fenway Park - Painting the "Green Monster"
Warning Track, Fenway Park
Packing up Sculptures at ISGM
Big Vinyl for the BIG Wall at the ICA Boston
Hans Hoffman at PEM
Kusama "Infinity Room" at ICA
Moving some very amazing black figure ceramics at MFA
MFA temporary storage gallery
Jennifer Bartlett work on 96 metal panels