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Art Handling & Installation Services

Boston / Como Exhibition 2013
Boston-Como, Unpacking
Metering the light on a textile
Lighting in a soaring gallery
Rembrandt Van Rijn etching
Patience with the crates
Green Monster
Stencil going on of the wall
step 4
Step 5
step 8
step 12

Years of creating exhibitions at museums and non-profit galleries demands a wide range of skills: painting, unpacking, hanging, lighting and signage. Now I work primarily at museums doing contract work focusing on a few of these very specialized tasks at a time.

(Background) Moving a Titian at the Gardner Museum, (Right) Joe Wardwell's Mass MoCA installation of "40 Hits from the Fifty States" (a 150 foot long mural wall panting with over 15 layers.)

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